Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I am not big on medication. I rarely pop a pain killer, cold medication, or headache remedy. I just don’t like putting chemicals in my body. I feel that pain is a signal from my body that I should listen to, not cover up.

But after Sunday’s skating debacle, I decided that perhaps it would be better to dull the pain a bit before taking to the ice. So with great trepidation, I loaded up on ONE 200 mg ibuprofen tablet and went to the rink.

I did skate better. I was able to put my weight on one foot without keeling over in pain or having to put my other foot down. I still couldn’t really bend my knees because that puts a lot of pressure on the hip joint, and I didn’t generate a lot of power. I tried some twizzles and they were way off balance. But it was quite a bit better than the last try.

Dr. Mayo originally said that the cause of my current pain was wear and tear on the labrum because my cartilage and joint space were both good. I felt something rip on the left when I was in Cleveland, and so I am guessing that I now have a definite labral tear. The right hurts too, but not as much. This is not an unusual problem with hip dysplasia and Dr. Mayo will patch it up during my surgery. I just have to live with it until then.

I hope I don’t start needing two ibuprofens, but I realize I might. Stay tuned to see how this little science experiment plays out.

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