Monday, May 18, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Where are the penny slot machines?

Day two of my trip to Las Vegas. I am here for nothing more than relaxation, while staying at Mandalay Bay.

I arrived with a cold, and on day one did more walking than planned (Portland airport, McCarren airport (which is huge), hotel (we are at the end of a very long corridor), to and from "O" last night from valet parking, to dinner, around casino. I have not yet given in to the temptation to get a wheelchair and let my cohorts push me around. Not yet.

This morning I decided to go out to the pool and bake my cold a bit. My hips were less sore than I thought they would be after yesterday. I found some shade (I am a pasty white Northwest Pacific native, and it's 110 degrees here), and got into the pool. After seeing "O" I was inspired to do some aquatherapy.

I'm sure the lifeguard and people lounging in the heat thought it was pretty funny to see pasty white woman with hat, sunglasses and mega sunscreen walking briskly up and down the length of the 4 foot deep pool over and over again, and even JOGGING. Yes, jogging, something that I can do in the pool without pain. I must have walked across the pool 100 times, and then did a bunch of pool stretches a la "O." I could actually move in the water without pain, although I might have overdone it. We'll see how sore I am tomorrow. I felt like I could have walked for hours!

I don't like swimming (Chlorine! Cold water!) and don't really have access to a pool at home, but this was nice. If we had weather like this I'd swim every day. After surgery I'll join a club with a pool at least temporarily because I know this will be good for me.

Tomorrow Cher is on the agenda, along with the Barry Manilow store. That's right, Barry, who despite two hip replacements is still dancing and giving a great show well into his 70's. We saw Barry's show in Portland a year ago, and the Barry store is definitely on the "to do" list. I'll see if I can find out the name of his hip surgeon too while I'm at it.

P.S. - I STAND CORRECTED by Crissy, who is evidently a Barry Manilow fan; in this post I erroneously reported Barry to be "well into his 70's" when he is, in fact, in his mid 60's, but still fab. Also, according to reliable source Crissy, Barry had labral repair and not a hip repacement; many hip chicks reading this can relate. Blogs are not checked for accuracy by the blog police, and I don't pass myself off as a serious journalist, but I don't want to get nailed by other Manilow fans (myself being one) for perpetrating misinformation. THR or not, Barry's still the HIPPEST in my book.

More on Manilow

Note however that the article in the link above, from 2006, states that Barry was 60 years old. Wikipedia confirms Crissy's report of Barry's birthdate (he will turn 66 on June 17th), but clearly some confusion regarding Barry's age abounds in the press.

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Crissy said...

Barry Manilow will be 66 on June 17th and contrary to erroneous reports of nearly three years ago, he did not have either hip replaced. Barry had tears in his labral cartilage repaired and was back onstage in six weeks.