Saturday, February 27, 2010

Normaler and normaler

I had not seen my physical therapist in almost two weeks until yesterday. She is concentrating on my back and abs more than my hips. Abs in particular are weak (to be expected, she says, with this type of surgery). But the old hip joints themselves are doing OK on their own.

Last night I walked around the Portland Home and Garden Show for two hours before getting tired. Mostly it was my back that hurt and I blame the heavy bag I was carrying. Hips were OK.

I have not been doing my exercises very religiously the past two weeks and need to get going again. Life has just been too busy.

All this is leading up to my plan to get on the ice tomorrow at the social dance session. It will be safe - everyone knows me and everyone is skilled so they won't be running into me. It won't be crowded. The mall rink is warm. I have no idea what to expect from myself other than "not much."

I plan to skate the social session at Adult Nationals in mid-April so this will give me an idea of how that will go. The A.N. session will be more crowded and full of people who don't know me or my limitations, so I will need to feel less vulnerable and more confident by then. While there will be a couple of friends at A.N. who have volunteered to help hold me up (namely L and K), I would like to be able to do the easier dances with any competent dancer by then. I'll be wearing the butt pads and it will be obvious that I'm a beginner, so I'm sure they'll all be nice to me. It's a goal anyway - the 5-month post-LPAO goal many of the hip chicks try to achieve.

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ojulius said...

What awesome news! Good luck with the social session.

I hate those PT exercises. Aren't they the most boring things in the world? I admit, I didn't do all my exercises. Partly because my surgeon's voice in the back of my head told me I didn't need to (he told me NOT to get a PT because he thought they did more damage than good to PAO patients). I still believe some PT was helpful though. Hip flexors are the primary exercises I wish I had done.