Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Small Correction to SKATING Magazine's Article

I was honored that HipSk8 was featured in SKATING magazine's "Adult Corner" this month. I need to make one slight correction though; the article reads, "Before her diagnosis, Levine was unaware faulty anatomy was the cause of her inability to perform "easy" moves such as mohawks and twizzles."

Before my diagnosis I had a lot of difficulty with easy moves such as mohawks which require hip involvement. However, twizzles, which are not considered easy, were easy for me since they do not require hip involvement. So in actuality, I always wondered why I couldn't do the "easy" moves without a lot of pain and difficulty, but had no problem with some of the really difficult moves, such as twizzles. Finding out that my hips were faulty cleared up the mystery.

Thanks Lexi for including me in the article!


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Matt said...


Congrats on making it into SKATING magazine! I'm sure you wish it was rather for some amazing performance or other instead.

I finally updated my blog with info about PT progress (busy busy busy). After seeing the doc last week I'm finally free to use all muscles. I got a pile of pictures including some intra-op showing HO removal so when I get a chance I'll post that too.