Friday, November 19, 2010

One Year Bilateral Hippiversary

Yesterday was the one year hippiversary for my LPAO. That makes my RPAO one year, 4 months and 10 days old. My prior post details what life is like at this stage in the PAO game. As Thanksgiving approaches it is time to become introspective and reflect on this journey and all that I am thankful for.

~I am thankful for a wonderful, supportive husband who has put up with whining, grouchiness and drug-induced side effects.
~I am thankful for my family who helped take care of me.
~I am thankful for a very skilled surgeon, Dr. Mayo, who is a perfectionist and did his best to fix me as much as medical science allows.
~I am thankful that my hip dysplasia was caught early enough so that a PAO was an option to preserve my hip joint as long as possible.
~I am thankful that medical science has progressed in this day and age so that PAOs are available and I didn't just have to live with my pain and disability and end up in a wheel chair or addicted to pain killers.
~I am thankful that my body healed quickly and well without infection despite being an older PAO patient.
~I am thankful that I can now sleep normally, sit in a chair and get up without hobbling, and skate for fun and exercise although not at my prior level.
~I am thankful that I can host a Thanksgiving dinner for 8 people at my house and handle the cooking and cleanup without having to recuperate for the next several days.
~I am thankful that I am not a turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Jen said...

Amen to that! Happy Thaksgiving! Jen

HipRN said...

Haha, much to be thankful for! Congrats to you and your hips, it must be wonderful! So, what is the other way for the ob exam (no stirrups???) I'm curious!! And yeah, definately want to go home sooner rather than later...still hoping for at least a spinal with a general to get me over that initial waking up phase. Thanks girl!

Gordon said...

Happy thanksgiving Terri. There IS a lot to be thankful for :-)

ojulius said...

So much to be thankful for! Have a great Thanksgiving! :)