Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And down ...

...as in falling down. On the judges stand, before my first event at Nationals on Sunday morning.

Last year I was just off crutches from PAO#2 and had a cane at Nationals and could barely walk a block. The year before I was pre-surgery but also had a cane. This year I am walking normally, no cane, looking like a pretty normal person, reassuring everyone that I am just fine. As we were walking out to judge the first event I missed a step on the judging stand, fell down, and land on my hands and knees in front of a pretty large audience. Of course I twisted my ankle, so I LIMPED to my seat. Good thing I know how to limp with style and panache!

Before the splat I had been reassuring people who asked that I was just fine and needed no assistance. Geez! All of the times over the past several years I judged with a cane and once even on crutches, I never came close to falling down. It's so ridiculous. Luckily the IceNetwork cameras were not turned my way and big TV is not here yet; perhaps some lucky fan caught it on video but I sure hope not.

I have been super careful on the other events because if I fall down again I will just die of embarrassment!


HipRN said...

Too funny! I am no stranger to falling flat on my face in public...in fact I'd say my most embarrasing moment had to be when I was greeting a patient and her family before her surgery and as I'm walking forward to shake the mother's hand I tripped on my feet and fell on my hands and knees too. I made a lame joke about it and proceded as though nothing had happened but wanted to melt thru the floor! Oi!
Glad to hear you are doing so well! :)

ojulius said...

Okay, after scanning to make sure you were okay, I had to laugh! I am a total clutz, so I knew that falling would happen to me, regardless. The first time freaked me out, but after I realized I was just fine, it allowed me to start getting a little more risky (in a good way) with my activities. You're coming along great!