Tuesday, January 13, 2009

End of season

Tim and I decided today not to compete in April. The deadline for entries is tomorrow, and so now was the time for such a decision. It's actually not my hips that are causing this decision, but Tim has also been quite sick. Our decision actually has more to do with his health than mine, since he faces a long recovery period to get his strength back. I face a downhill slide with decreasing abilities, followed by surgery, followed by a long and painful recovery. Times two of course. But right now I still feel OK to skate 2 compulsories and a free dance.

It's the right decision for us and in some ways I'm relieved, because I had no way of knowing when my decline might become overwhelming, forcing us to drop out. Better to do so now before costumes are sewn, plane tickets are purchased, and our competition relies on us to be there.

We sat out last year due to Tim's severed achilles. We'll sit out this year. And we'll sit out next year because of my hip surgeries. Some teams would look at this track record and simply retire, but we really love skating as a team too much to consider doing that. I could find no better ice dancing partner. Our first and only competitive season was just a beginning, and we're not ready for an end yet. We feel like we have not yet had the chance to show what we can really do. So while I can't promise we'll be back, I know we'll make every attempt to do so.

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