Sunday, April 5, 2009

Out Standing

I judged and refereed at a local skating competition yesterday. Judging was OK because I could sit, and the events weren't very long so I was able to get up and move around in between. But while ref'ing I had to stand for fairly long periods of time. My hips got very angry about that, to the point of hurting most of the day today.

I am supposed to be chief referee at a competition in another state 10 weeks or so after surgery. I have been reading on the Hipwomen list that traveling alone on a plane 10 weeks after surgery is probably going to be a Very Big Deal. Then to chief a multi-day competition after the plane ride/airport-to-hotel journey may be a bit ... much.

I really thought that after 10 weeks I'd be feeling great and able to resume such activities. But now I'm thinking, Not So Much. Even if I have the perfect recovery (not likely at my age, which for this type of surgery is advanced) it's going to be a major endeavor featuring muscle relaxants and walking aids and wheelchairs and fatigue and annoyance and mostly lots of pain.

I can still back out, but this is sort of an important competition to chief since it's supposed to lead to a referee's appointment, something I've been saying I was going to do for about 6 years. But obviously the timing stinks. I hadn't foreseen hip dysplasia in my future last year when I was setting goals for myself.

I also have said I'd be back at work in 6 weeks, because I only have 12 weeks FMLA on a rolling yearly basis and so need 6 for each surgery. But now I'm thinking that's not going to be possible either. It's a total shift in my thinking, but I realize this recovery is going to be longer and more difficult than I've let myself believe until now.



oscarsmum said...

My OS advised me to be out of worh for at least 10weeks ( I will be 40 at surgery, and have a job that involves a fair amount of standing).
I have actually told work up to four months, so I am not under pressure to return before I am ready. I figured it would be a bonus if I am able to return sooner. The sick leave in the UK is a bit different though.
Hope this helps,
I wouldn't know what to say about the 10 weeks trip, I think thats probably an individual thing, depending how the recovery goes.
How late could you leave that, before backing out?

HipSk8 said...

I am usually a pessimist, but when it comes to my surgical recovery I've tried to be optimistic. I don't think it has been realistic though.

My job is sedentary and I can work from home somewhat, so I think I'll be able to return at 6 weeks to part-time work. There's no way I could take 4 months off. I'll probably cancel the 10 week trip. Rats!

Shelley said...

I went into my surgery telling myself I could do what I wanted to do, and set goals for the recovery. I am one who believes recovery is almost as much mental as physical (though the physical does hurt.) Keep telling yourself you will go to work at 6 weeks and judge at 10 weeks and you might be able to do it. For myself, by setting the goal I pushed a little harder to achieve the goal and fpound I could so so much more than the doc or others told me I could do. I went to work at 2 weeks post pao, but only part time and my job is mostly at a desk. I am at 10 weeks now and totally feel like I could fly by myself and do what i want to do. I think it will be harder in an ice rink on the joint that the flying itself. the ice rink will probably not feel that great. Don't give up on your goals becasue if you try hard and have a good surgeon you can totalyy do the things you want to do. And if you can't, you know it isn't that you didn't try, its just that this surgery sucks. I am super competitive so I looked at it like the surgery is winning if I stopped myself from doing what I want. By pushing myself, going to work, going golfing (I am going tomorrow at 10.5 weeks), etc I am beating the surgery and that is important to me.