Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fashion Week for Post-PAO'ers

I have a few more weeks before I am allowed to skate. November 8th is the date, but unfortunately I will be out of town judging a competition on that date, which means I will probably cheat and go skating a few days earlier before I leave on my trip. November 18th I go under the knife for PAO#2 so I need to make the most of those ten days on the ice. In anticipation, I ordered these:

I know all you female ice dancers are turning green with jealousy. Perhaps I'll start a new fashion trend at our Sunday social sessions. Trade in your sleek Seku tights for huge lumpy butt pads, woo hoo!

Post-PAO fashionistas who ski, snowboard, roller blade, bike, or skate may be interested in these and I'll give you my unbiased opinion on how they work as soon as I have a chance to try them out. Stay tuned for my product analysis in a few weeks. Meanwhile you can order your own here:

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ojulius said...

Oooh, very sexy. :)

Hey Terri, I got your post on my blog. It's amazing how many PAO sites are out there now. I felt so alone when I had my PAO done. I'm excited to see so many people out there sharing POSITIVE experiences!

I didn't notice a difference in flexibility after the screws came out. What I did notice is that I didn't get the occasional sharp twinge at the screw sites when outside in cold weather. I also noticed less rubbing along my skin from wearing jeans. Those screws are awfully close to the skin surface, and sensitive when you bump into things!

I probably have about 90% flexibility/strength since the surgery, although I fully believe that had I gone into a total workout program for both strength and flexibility, I'd be at 100%, so that was a personal choice, not a limitation of the surgery.

Good luck on you upcoming LPAO! Keep in touch. :)