Tuesday, April 6, 2010

4.5 Month Check

Today was my checkup with Dr. Mayo. I posted the following on Hip Women today:

Has anyone had post-PAO ectopic bone removed? Just went for my 5 month/9 month
checkup with Dr. Mayo. On my left side, there is some bone growing over the
screw head on the front of my hip, which is why I am having trouble with flexion
on that side. He wants to let it heal for a full year then re-visit to see how
bad it is; at that point he said one option is to go back in and remove the
ectopic bone. While he's in there he'd also remove the screws on the left.
Normally he doesn't remove screws unless there is a problem so we'd probably
leave them in on the right.

He said this would entail 3 days in the hospital, and while they wouldn't detach
my muscles, "soft tissues" would be moved, so it would take some time to get the
strength back again. I would not have to be non-weight bearing so muscle
atrophy shouldn't be a big issue.

Just curious if anyone else has had this happen and if it really means 3 days in
the hospital. I know scew removal by itself can be outpatient so I am wondering
why this would be so much worse.

The thought of spending three more days in the hospital followed by more rehab
does not thrill me ... this was NOT something I was envisioning! I was hoping
today would be more along the lines of, "You're doing great, we don't ever need
to see you again, good-bye!"

Thanks, Terri


Matt said...


I'm sorry to hear about the ectopic bone. I hope it turns out not to be an impediment and that you can avoid another surgery. What a let-down.

Did you ask him about the short and quick PAOs vs our longer ones?

Krystal said...

Hey girl! I'm sorry to hear about that! :( I think you should post that on Hip Chicks, because I am pretty sure there is at least one person that I know of that has delt with that.... I think her name is Lyniece

sera said...

Hi Terri, my name is Sarah and this comment is unrelated to your ectopic bone question but I do hope you'll find some answers over on HipWomen or elsewhere. I'm a figure skater too (mostly ice dancing though I started out in freestyle as a kid). Had a RPAO in 2003 with Dr. Millis in Boston when I was there for grad school. Was raised and now live in Portland, OR. Are you in Seattle? I haven't read a ton of your blog yet but just wanted to say hi. I can skate, but it causes me so much pain that I tend to only do so for a couple weeks and then avoid the rink for years. I quit at around ate 23 because of hip pain and was diagnosed at age 26, surgery at 28. I'm almost 35 now. Just wanted to say hi I guess. Hi! :)

HipSk8 said...

Sarah - Very glad to hear from you, but sorry that you have pain when you skate.

I am in Portland and occasionally skate at Lloyd Center. Although I really don't have the ability to do much.

Please friend me on Facebook: Terri Levine in Portland. I can then give you my phone number/e-mail privately. Terri