Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Claw

By the way, that thing hanging down between my two hips that looks like a penis is actually a tampon. So much for modesty! Aren't x-rays fascinating?

Answer to Matt - My HO is much smaller and more localized than yours. I know yours prevented you from doing everyday things like driving so it was much more important to get it out. In my case it aches with exertion and keeps me from moving past about 70 degrees of flexion unassisted (although I can force it to 110 with my hands). I don't think mine impacts rotation per Dr. Mayo (and I have better rotation on the left, where the HO is, than on the right).

So I am not as anxious to have it removed as you were! But I have a feeling I will do it eventually. Just can't stand the thought right now.


ojulius said...

Holy crap, you gotta lot of hardware in there! I had my screws removed after a year and was so glad to have them out. I always noticed them most when it got cold. I could also feel the one closest to the skin every time I'd bump the side of my hip on something. Good luck with the claw issue. While it's extremely depressing to hit yet another problem along your road to recovery, it's good that you know what the issue is and that there is actually a way to fix it, if you wish.

HipSk8 said...

My screws have never bothered me at all. He countersunk them so they don't stick out beyond the bone. But I'd rather not have them if I don't have to!