Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9 Weeks

I have been so busy living life that I've almost forgotten about this blog. That is certainly the desired outcome!

I've had two PT sessions and I am swimming several times per week. I feel "normal" most of the time. I do limp; I have weakness and limited ROM in my right leg, dull achiness with activity, and occasional odd sensations, but I don't have pain. I am walking without any assistive devices except for the cane for moral support during medium to long distances. (It's best used to scare away dogs and small children who come too close for comfort.) I haven't tried walking a really long distance, like a mile, yet, but I will probably start walking more just to find out what I can do. I mostly walk a few blocks here and there downtown while at work. I do a lot of short walking trips throughout the day without problems.

After all the hoopla surrounding my skating last week I decided to do the intelligent thing and ask Dr. Mayo when I could get back on the ice. He said that I had to wait 4 months from my surgery date, which means November 8th is circled in red on my calendar. That will give me a few weeks to skate before PAO #2!

The issue is falling of course. My bones aren't fully healed and a fall could do some major damage right now. I have skated for many years and don't fall often, but it is certainly bound to happen at some point. Not that I'm a model patient, but I will comply with the 4-month rule because Dr. Mayo is the boss. Plus I really don't want to show up in the ER with a shattered pelvis and have him find out about it. I don't need that kind of humiliation, not to mention the pain and possible permanent disability.

So while I'm really glad I got on the ice last week, I'm hanging up the skates again for a while to concentrate on my physical therapy and rehabilitation per doctor's orders. See you at the gym!

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