Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dance Camp: Goals

"Australian Waltz" at the HDC Today (It's interesting to note my lack of turnout on the right leg. You can actually see in this photo that my right femur is twisted inward, preventing my toe from turning out naturally. This is particularly obvious since Doug has great turnout. See how his right thigh naturally turns out at the hip, creating a much more pleasing leg line than mine):

"Tangle Romantica":

My goal was to skate on the social session at the High Dance Camp. Sincere thanks to Doug for making that a reality, and to Patti who has been so encouraging.

Thanks to Bob R. for the photos!


Jen said...

Go, Terri! You look so graceful out there, keep it up!

LAmacker said...

Looks like you are doing very well Terri! Keep up the good work!!