Thursday, May 13, 2010


One thing I am sick of ... people who say things like, "Aren't you glad you had your surgery, no more pain now!!!" Some people had the nerve to say this when I was still on crutches.

If I do any kind of physical activity I know I am going to pay for it during and after with pain. It's a different kind of pain on my right than I had pre-PAO, but it still hurts. And, my left hip barely hurt pre-PAO, and now it hurts a lot, so that's hardly an improvement.

I wish I lived on Planet Pollyanna where there were magical quick fixes for everything. Some day in the future when I'm fully recovered I may not have any pain with activity; right now I'm still in the recovery phase and pain is expected. At least, it's expected by me; almost everyone else expects I'm "cured." Sometimes I vow that the next person who gives me the big smiley face and tells me how great I must feel is going to get a piece of my mind.

Then again, why bother. Let them live on Planet Pollyanna.


Matt said...

Yeah, as if recovering from double PAO's is as simple as a removing band-aid!

One thing I'm learning about medical treatment is that it's all about trade-offs, balancing risks/costs with rewards. I hope the rewards outweigh the costs, for both of us.

ojulius said...

Girl, I still get pain, over 3 years out from the surgery. But you know what? It gets less intense each year. I've learned that a little pain isn't a bad thing. It just reminds us to take care of our bodies. After my 12 hour race? I'm limping like a gimp again, but it was worth it. :) I know I'll get over it in a few more days. Getting older doesn't help either!

Matt said...


I posted a pretty picture of my ectopic bone on my blog if you're interested.