Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dysplastics Take Over The Ice

Watch out! Two post-PAO gals took the ice this morning at Lloyd Center Ice Arena and rocked it. It was good to finally meet Sarah, the "other" post-PAO Portland ice dancer I've heard so much about. She looked great and even did some jumps near the end of the session. I hope some day I am recovered enough to skate that well, although I am banned from doing jumps for life and I plan to honor that so my hips will last longer.

Today was a pretty good day on the ice. I led some of the High Dance Camp ladies through the steps of the Midnight Blues. I can slop my way through them without pushing and what I can't do, I can describe. Despite that, I can't do the Swing Dance solo at speed because I chicken out on the mohawk. I just am not sure if my hip will work or not when I do it. Checking three turns is still dicey as well.

Dichotomy: I can't do the "easy" Swing Dance without bailing, but I can step through a slow and very sloppy Westminster Waltz (including rocker turn); none of the turns or edges are distinct and some are on two feet but I don't chicken out. I did a horrid European Waltz to practice my 3 turns; the step forwards are just as challenging as the three turns. I can step through a lot of dances but when I try to do the steps correctly or at speed I run into a problem and it doesn't work. So right now, slow and sloppy rules the day. The turns may be unrecognizeable but at least I can "do" some of my favorite dances. My hope is that with time and practice things will become faster and more correct.

I can do, at glacial speed, the Blues choctaw. I didn't think I could do the Rhumba choctaw, but when the music came on I tried an itty bitty slow one in the corner, and made it through "on the correct edges" per my friends. I was so thrilled that I did a bunch more, and made several people watch them. It was like the little kid who lands her first axel and makes everyone watch it: "OMG, look what I can do!" Coach R was there to witness this exciting milestone. Granted there's no way I can do it at speed, but for something I thought would not be possible yet, it's way cool.

So overall this was a good day. Still frustrating that I can't do so many of the things I never gave any thought to like stepping from backward to forward, making the easy stuff difficult; but interesting that I can do some difficult things here and there without too much worry.

I'm thinking about ditching the butt pads. They are just too distracting and if I fall, I fall. I'll live.

ADDENDUM: After skating for an hour today (although to be honest, I spent much of the hour socializing), Perry and I walked around the Fairmount Loop hiking trail above our house. It is 3.3 miles and we did it in an hour and 15 minutes. When I was home recovering from surgery #1 last summer I would watch hikers go up our street toward the loop, and couldn't wait for the day when I could do it too. Today was the first attempt. I was limping by the end, but now I am in the recliner and feeling OK.

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