Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moving Stairs

Today I went to the mall next door to work on my lunch hour to get a sandwich at the food court. I walked in the door and was confronted by ... an escalator!! I pondered this for a bit. Would I be capable of getting on and off the thing? Hmmm. Stairs are tricky enough with crutches, but moving stairs? I opted for the elevator, which I had never even noticed before. I had not noticed the handicapped buttons that automatically open the doors either, but let's just say my consciousness has been raised.

On a totally different subject, I read the following in a study discussing how to diagnose DDH in babies and young children. The following applies to children who are already walking:

"Dislocation of both hips may present with increased lumbar lordosis ["swayback"], prominent buttocks, and a waddling gait. Physical findings may include a stable "clicking" hip."

Describes me to a "T" before my PAO. It may just be my imagination, but I think my lordosis has resolved significantly since the surgery. As for the big butt -- well, I am a skater. I think that's here to stay.

[Link to the entire article]


Louisa B said...

please could you tell me the location of this article. I am post fai scope, but importantly my 10 month old daughter has has had hip dyslasia that they say pavlik harness cured. I'm not convinced and would sooooooo appreciate stuff to watch out for?

many, many thanks,

Louisa B said...

Terri, thanks for that, but I googled hip woman today and nothing relevant came up, is there a site address, sorry to bother you. Just wanna keep my eye on my daughter!

HipSk8 said...

Search on "dysplasia laurie barclay". It's the first item that comes up in Google search. Terri

DarknStormy said...


I just wanted to say I am a former skater (quit for college/med school), and now have FAI, labral tears, and mild dysplasia (who knew all my problems with knee and back pain was really due to my hips), and I'm contemplating bilateral pao/scopes to fix it all. Funny thing is my dance coach used to always yell at me about my butt sticking out since it wasn't really that big in the first place, but I've always been a little lordotic. Anyway, you're blog has been helpful in my internal debate for surgery. I'm sure I need it, but thinking about it makes me nauseous.