Friday, November 7, 2008

More than hip

I am more than just my hips.

I am 45 years old and I am female.

I'm an ice dancer. I've passed my standard gold dances and one international dance (Samba). My partner and I plan to compete in the gold dance event at the U.S. Adult National Figure Skating Championships in April of 2009.

I am a marketing manager for a financial services company. I have an MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. My B.A. is from Colorado College.

I have been married twice, and I have 4 step children; two girls (23 and 20) and two boys (18 and 14). I have no children of my own. I am a cat person, but currently catless.

My husband Perry is wonderful and loving and supportive and tries hard to make me see that the glass is really half full sometimes.

I am a terrible cook and not so great at housework, although I hate clutter. We own a "mid-century modern" house (vintage 1966) which we are remodeling. I like contemporary, Asian-influenced design.

Until recently I liked hiking, biking, and horseback riding. I like being outdoors, although I get cold easily.

I love the beach, any beach, even in the rain. Growing up, we spent a lot of time at the Oregon coast and I still think that's one of the best places in the world.

I am a third-generation native Oregonian. I've traveled, although not as much as I would like, to Europe and Asia. I lived in Mexico for a semester in college and like to think I can still speak Spanish. Despite living in Colorado for many years I do get altitude sickness over 8,000 feet, yet Macchu Pichu is on my list of future destinations.

I care about the environment, and political issues. I vote. I try to keep up on current events. I volunteer my time for causes which are important to me.

I am more than just my hips.


Marina said...

Macchu Pichu is AMAZING! I am so glad that my hips were kind enough to let me do the 5 day hike without ANY pain. Let me know once you are ready - I have a great tour guide!

I just got MBA from Columbia! The hip pain actually started up while I would stand around drinking all night and dancing on tables at the weekly Thursday happy hours. I miss business school.

HipSk8 said...

We were originally planning a trip to Spain, but due to the exchange rate we decided that Argentina might be more affordable, and then we started thinking about Peru. This was all "pre-hip" so it has now been put on the back burner. Since I could be stuck with large medical bills, I just can't fathom an expensive vacation right now, especially if walking is difficult. But, some day!

I have to say I DON'T miss business school (although damn, I graduated almost 20 years ago, unbelievable). Looking back, I probably should have gone to medical school instead, my original plan. I could have been the role model for Dr. Kerry Weaver on ER.