Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Product Review: AquaBells

I need to remind myself that hip dysplasia is not simply an excuse to buy new gadgets, although the upside to major surgery will be getting my very own "hip kit," sock-putter-onner, raised toilet seat, crutches and metamucil.

A pre-surgery gadget arrived today from Amazon: AquaBells, an exciting concept in hip fitness.

AquaBells are ankle weights which can be filled with varying amounts of water so that they weigh up to 4 pounds. I have started with about a pound of water and have gone through my hip exercise just fine. Once I am less of a wimp, I will be able to add weight slowly by adding more water. As long as they don't leak, I should be fine.

Since I travel, these will be handy to take with me since they only weigh a few ounces when empty. The one drawback is they are a little messy to fill from the faucet, but really not much -- it's a small price to pay for portable equipment which expands as I get stronger.

Lots of fun typos on the packaging ("Exercise quadriceps, hamstrings, inner thighs, and calf's ..."). Humor like this is always appreciated, especially during strenuous workouts. Overall I recommend these.

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