Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Product Review: The Bean

Today I went to the sporting goods store with Perry, looking for ankle weights which can be filled with water (so I can travel with them ... I am judging 2 competitions out of town in the next 2 months and need to keep up on my exercises). They didn't have them so I'll have to order them on the Internet, but while there I found, and bought, something that may be useful to others with hip pain: THE BEAN.

It cost me $49.95 (less than it costs "on TV") and it looks like this:

It has been difficult to find a comfy chair to work at home or just to sit in the living room and read. My fit ball works kind of, but I get fatigued sitting on it for too long. Now, I am always skeptical of products you can buy via informercial, and I don't believe the claims that people using The Bean lost 40 pounds while sitting on it in front of the TV, but I do think it can be used as a stretching platform and a comfy chair for those of us suffering from hip (and perhaps back) pain.

I'm testing it as we speak. I have it propped vertically against the wall and I'm sort of sitting/reclining on it. It's cushy yet supportive, and seems to keep the pressure off my hips and back. If I lay it flat on the floor it might be nice to sleep on (?) -- which could be useful post-operatively. I can read on it or watch TV, and with it propped up I can type on my laptop. If I turn it over (round side up) I can sit at my desk as well.

I am now reading the online reviews which state that The Bean tends to deflate and come apart at the seams. I'll be on the lookout for that, but I'm not going to use it as a trampoline. I think for me it might be better to use as a comfy chair and not as a workout aid.

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