Monday, November 10, 2008

News from Dr. Mayo's Office

Well, some good news just in today ... the results of the CT scan indicate that I don't need femoral osteotomy, just PAO. Of course it's hilarious to say "just" PAO, as if that's a walk in the park. But 1 surgery per leg is much, much better than 2 surgeries per leg, even if they can be done at the same time.

Actually, we would have been talking 3.5 surgeries per leg if FO had been included ...the femoral osteotomy would have required a plate in my upper thigh which would have to be removed later, putting me back on crutches for a month. With the PAO, the screws might stay in or be removed, but in any case that is outpatient surgery and seems a little easier than a plate removal. With FO you are actually getting 2 surgeries (FO and plate removal) per leg. With PAO you are getting 1 surgery and a possible screw removal "procedure" which I'm calling half a surgery.

Dr. Mayo also clarified, per my question, that I have "moderate to severe" dysplasia with femoral anteversion. He probably said that during my consult but I couldn't remember, despite writing most of what he said down.

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