Saturday, November 1, 2008


The internet is full of interesting quotes. Of note today:

"Children with femoral anteversion often sit in the W position"

This is why I couldn't sit in that damned "indian style" position but instead was teased mercilessly and punished by teachers since I sat in the "W" position.

"First born females comprise 82% of all acetabular dysplasia cases."


"Those with dysplasia are often also swaybacked due to muscles which are not in balance due to the deformity."

Check. My costumer knows I am swaybacked, as does my ballet teacher who liked to whack my butt and tell me that my posture was terrible and that I "just needed to suck it in more." Right.

The following quote is from "Sarah" on the "Hipwomen" yahoo group. Sounds very much like someone else I know:

"Most doctors, most people, don't know much about dysplasia and so miss all the warning signs. I had slightly pigeon-toed feet (my right foot was worse) as
a child, and instead of getting me checked out I just learned to
walk with my feet straight so that I wouldn't get teased anymore. I
grew up figure skating and there were all kinds of moves I couldn't
do that all the other girls could, but I was just told I had "closed
hips" and people thought I was not being disciplined about
stretching (even though I was incredibly flexible everywhere else).
Now that I've had a PAO, I'm wondering if I'll be able to perform
those moves that I never could when I was younger?"

I cried when I read that this afternoon. I am trying to contact "Sarah," who had her PAO surgery in 2004. I want to hear that she is doing those spread eagles and choctaws that we closed hip people could never do ... although I'd be happy to know that she can still skate at all.


Marina said...

I am so glad you have found useful information!

Rachel said...

I'm just 5 weeks post my PAO, and it's all good! I'll add your blog to my blog list so that you can connect with all of the other girls who are either going through or have gone through the same journey. Chin up, there's a big support group of gals out here with questions to all the answers you have! (not to say the yahoo group is not a good place to start, but some people on there can be a little alarmist! - the circle of bloggers we have are a better sounding board I think!)


HipSk8 said...

I've started to feel like I've joined this very exclusive club has its own online support group, and those in the know are blogging and sharing information. What would this experience have been like before the internet? I don't even want to imagine. Thanks to reading blogs, I already know what to pack for the hospital for crying out loud, and I'm not even having surgery until next year!

I have already started using Girl's PT exercises in addition to skating. I want to be in good shape by day zero.

I'm about to go meet with a friend of mine who is a physical therapist and skater. I hope to have more insight from her.

All the best to both of you in your recoveries. I'll be looking forward to reading about your progress. Terri