Sunday, July 5, 2009

The hip bone's connected to the ...

It seems the hip bone is connected to every other bone in my body and when I walk, most of them hurt. My back hurts, my shoulders sometimes hurt, my shins hurt, my thighs hurt, my tailbone hurts, my feet hurt. All because I am walking "funny," which is not the same as "comical." I use a cane, I limp, I compensate, and when I don't use the cane I waddle. All of this causes stress on many of my body parts.

Of course, the hip is not a bone at all, it is a joint where the femur meets the pelvis. There are more specific names for the various parts of the joint, but in basic terms that is a good description.

In just a couple of days my hip bone's going to be disconnected and reconnected. With all these pains, it seems like good timing. I've decided that tomorrow I am going for one last skate, even if it's just a couple of laps. It's going to be the last "thing" I do before surgery and I think that it's the right thing to do. Then I'll put the skates in a box and ship them off to Harlick for refurbishing. Meanwhile, I'll ship myself up to Tacoma General for similar extensive repairs. It sounds like a good plan.

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Bob said...

Marilu mentioned your blog the other day, which I just caught up with after several months. You've obviously done your homework, which will contribute to the success of the project. I'll be looking forward to continuing entertaining updates during your recovery! Let me know if there is anything I can do -- when I'm home I have no schedule to follow. Take care.