Friday, July 24, 2009

2 weeks post-op

I am a couple of days late with this post as my two week post-op day was Wednesday and it is now Friday. I don't have scar pictures (the post-op photo I took with my phone is pretty blurry), although it looks good. I'll have to get Perry to take a photo tonight because this just wouldn't be a PAO blog without scar photos!

Last night I took a bath. Shhh, don't tell Dr. Mayo, because I don't think I'm supposed to. Some hip chicks are allowed to do hydrotherapy when they are still in the hospital for crying out loud, so I didn't think a bath would kill me. I was careful not to get the scar wet. I am a Pisces. We fish like to be immersed in water. I can't swim until week 6 per doctor's orders, so this is the best I can do. It felt really good to sit in warm water.

Here's my progress at the two-week mark (as of this past Wednesday):
~I am off all prescription/narcotic drugs. Had a bit of withdrawal for a couple of days (headache, nausea, sweating, inability to sleep) as I probably came off them too rapidly; I don't recommend that. Next time I'll taper more gradually. I'm just taking occasional Tylenol for pain. I think I've had just one dose of Tylenol.
~CPM is at 90 degrees, meaning I can get rid of it
~I can sleep on my non-operated side for about an hour and can flip on to my stomach (but can't sleep that way)
~I can shower (sitting down) by myself
~I can shave my legs
~I can get dressed by myself without any helpful devices. Hardest part is to put on socks and shoes, but I can do it.
~I can get in and out of the car without assistance (passenger side - can't drive for 4 more weeks)
~I have been working from home up to 4 hours per day (but not on a very regular schedule; usually about an hour per day).
~As mentioned, incision looks very good. It looks too good, in fact. Who would believe I had major surgery with this wimpy scar? It lacks the necessary gore factor.
~I did laundry while sitting on a stool last night.

Problems I'm still having:
~Sleeping through the night now that I'm off narcotics; usually I get 4 hours of sleep and then another 2-3 during the day. Despite this, I'm not really tired.
~My hands are killing me from crutching. I could crutch for miles if it weren't for that. I have padding for the handles and I have padded bike gloves, but still.
~Regulating my body temperature. I thought this was related to taking the opiates, but it's still an issue. One minute I'm sweating and the next I'm freezing.

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Jen said...

I am cracking up at your comment about the scar! Here I am worried that mine will look terrible, and you need more gore. I guess we should be proud of our battle wounds! LOL!