Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This is Terri's husband, Perry, blogging on her behalf.

After arriving at the hospital at 5:30AM, Terri went into surgery at 7:50AM and her surgery was completed by 1:50PM. The doctor met with me at about 2 and informed me that everything went very well. The outlook for the future is excellent! I'm waiting for her to finish up her post op recovery and get into her room to see her.

I want to thank you all for your support and well wishes and I'm sure Terri will be back blogging within the next week.


Bob said...

Good to hear! Thanks for taking the time to let us know.


oscarsmum said...

Thanks for the update.
Hope the next few days go smoothly and relatively painless(for both of you!lol)
Take care Terri
Kate x

Jen said...

Sending good thoughts your way for a speedy and easy recovery!

Please forward your email address and I can extend an invite to my own PAO blog.


Marina said...

SO great to hear! I know the recovery will be super smooth :)

ASpalla said...


I have been reading your blog and I know that you are a strong person and from the sound of it, the surgery went well! It is not an easy journey, but I definitely think it is worth it. I am a lil over 5 weeks post RPAO and sometimes you think you are crazy for doing it, but others who have been through it tell me it is all worth it in the end! I suggest swim therapy, when ur doc says its ok, because it lets you feel normal and for someone as active as us, it is a nice outlet when you can't do anything else. Good Luck and I wish you a speedy recovery!