Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It's really not all that gory, but I know some people are squeamish and if that's you, please do not read on. For those of you still with me, here's a pic of my incision on the eve of three weeks post-PAO. The skin is dry and yucky, but the scar itself -- lookin' good.

Here's the guided tour:

~This photo was taken facing me, so it's right side up. The top of the scar, upper left in the pic, is at the top of the iliac crest.
~The entire thing is about 6 inches long.
~The dot at bottom left is one of two small holes left by the drains.
~The skin around the scar is lumpy and swollen. The entire hip is swollen but not as much as I expected; I can wear normal-sized clothes (although I haven't worn anything tight or form fitting yet).
~The purple cross-hatch marks are magic marker. It's slowly wearing off, but I don't really want to scrub it. Touching the scar is still a little bit icky.
~Overall I have been impressed with it from the first time I saw it in the hospital. There were no steri-strips, staples, or stitches. (All stitches are internal, with super glue holding it together on the outside.) I was truly expecting something horrifying and it's really not.
~Clearly I need to work on my tan.

Stay tuned for my 3 week update tomorrow.

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Jen said...

Not bad looking at all! How long until you can massage or use something like Bio Oil, you think?