Monday, July 6, 2009

The really truly absolutely last skate

I just spent 3 hours on the ice. Some of that was just going around and around in circles talking. Tim came out to skate with me one last time. I don't think we've skated together since January or so, but it was just like old times. Somehow we actually skated well, considering. Several really nice spins, side by side twizzles in unison, Starlight, Viennese, Samba, Blues (formerly our nemesis dance - it was fine), parts of Midnight Blues and Tango Romantica, and most of the RAVENSBURGER (not at speed but probably recognizable). We did the circular footwork from our free dance. We did various bits of choreography from our free dance. All pretty good really.

We did start to try our spread eagle lift, but just as it was going up I heard a hip crack and we aborted. I thought it was mine, but it was actually his hip that cracked. We decided to forget about lifts for the day.

We didn't work super hard and took several breaks. It was really great to be out there with Tim again.

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Louisa B said...

Good Luck for this week!!
I have 3 days to go now arrrgghhhh!