Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another night before

This is getting a bit boring as I retrace my steps toward PAO#2.

First the good things -- I got to meet fellow hipster and blogger Matt, who was having a follow-up appointment right before my pre-op appointment. He has now been cleared to bear weight and start physical therapy. I remember that day well, and hope that he is out celebrating!

Everyone at Dr. Mayo's office was nice and happy to see me, and Keri and Sara both remarked that they think I am the fastest second surgery they know of. Usually it's a 6-month wait, and I am at 4 months and 10 days. Sara said I appear to be farther along healing-wise than many people at 6 months. She also cautioned me that the second recovery may be more difficult, and my right hip might hurt when it has to bear all of my weight for the next 8 weeks. Something I knew, but good to hear it validated.

The hospital pre-op was ho-hum since I'd been through it only 4 months before. The anesthesiologist actually asked me why I was there, since there was no need to meet if I had no questions. I requested Dr. Swineheart (my wonderful anesthesiologist from PAO#1) for tomorrow but there are no guarantees.

Perry and I ate at the Hub (restaurant tip for Dr. Mayo's patients from out of town, we recommend the Hub in Tacoma). We are now back at the hotel room, I've had my hibiclens shower, washed my hair for the last time in a week, shaved my legs for the last time in who knows how long, and set the alarm for 4:30 AM.

I am much more relaxed than last time. Not looking forward to it, but ready to get this over with and start my new 100% non-dysplastic life.

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