Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm Bilaterally Undysplastic

Nobody over the age of 40 should have to wear knee highs!

Surgery #2 done. Just a brief note to say I am feeling pretty good, as good or better than last time. Epidural again numbed both legs so couldn't walk today; will try again tomorrow.

Same thing happened with dinner post op as last time. I told everyone that I was vegetarian. At least 4 people. So, of course they brought me meat. I asked for something different and said "no pasta with marinara, too spicy." So that is exactly what they brought me.

It made me a bit nauseous just to smell it so I skipped dinner but had a good appetite this AM.

The vampires came at 2 AM to draw blood and had to stick me 4 times ... the blood clotted before they could get it to the lab ... and they finally took it from my fingertip. Sigh, they didn't believe me when I said hard stick. They never do.

Photo is of me with Valerie, PT, sitting on the edge of the bed today. Notice my green leg and very puffy self from all the IV fluids. Lovely picture but I'm on enough drugs to post it publically!

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Matt said...

Glad to hear you got a good epidural again. Sorry you have to get stuck so much, and that your diet's messed up.

I hope your recovery is even better than last time!