Thursday, November 26, 2009

One Week (PAO#2)

I haven't felt much like blogging; it just seems too repetitive from last time and I am busy with other projects. I'll focus in these updates just on things different from last time.

~I had some pretty major issues in the hospital. Dr. Mayo was appalled when I told him the story. I have made a formal complaint to the floor supervisor and I sent a letter to the CEO of the hospital per Dr. Mayo's request. I don't want to alarm anyone going to Tacoma General. I don't think it's any worse then any other public hospital. But I will reiterate that you MUST be your own healthcare advocate. Best if you have friends/family with you at all times in any hospital setting to watch out for you. Bottom line: hospital wards are understaffed and therefore nurses, as caring as they might be, have a workload that is too large to put your health first. That's the way it is folks. (For details, please contact me directly and I will send you the letter.)
~Because of what happened in the hospital I had to be able to get my own leg out of the CPM more quickly than last time. Using a folded sheet I was able to do this on the 4th day after surgery.
~Since having the epidural removed, I have been taking one Oxycodone 20 mg every 12 hours for pain. Unlike last time, I am taking nothing else. My pain level is about a 1 most of the time which is the same as the last time with the short-acting meds, so I don't miss them. I would like to wean off the pain meds over the next week.
~I was able to shower and dress myself yesterday and only needed help getting my left TED on.
~Speaking of TEDs, this time they itch. I have some other itching which I don't remember from last time so I am taking hydroxizine for that every 12 hours. It could also be the time of year - it is winter vs. summer and my skin is drier due to central heating.
~I am up to 75 degrees on the CPM. This CPM is ancient and makes a loud metal-on-metal screeching noise about every 5 minutes, so I have been wearing ear plugs and noise canceling earphones in order to sleep.
~My right leg is holding up well and I am crutching around fine. Only used the walker in the hospital but when I got home switched to crutches.
~I've done a lot of sleeping.


Matt said...


Sorry to hear that something "appalling" happened! I'm glad to hear that Dr. Mayo stood up for you. I'm eager to read your letter when you post it.

You said you went to Oxycontin on day one. Does that mean you went off the epidural right away? Maybe that's part of your appalling story.

For what it's worth, one of the ultrasound/Doppler techs who checked my legs told me that if my legs are wet when the TEDs go on, I'll get itchy. I'm not sure if she was referring just to the goop she was using, or she meant water too.

Heal well! Sounds like you're off to a good start.


HipSk8 said...

Updated post to say that I've been on the Oxycontin since coming off the epidural, which is correct.

Was that Carolyn in ultrasound? She told me the same thing. I thing I'm itchy all over from dry skin more than anything, and particularly under the TEDs. It is getting much better now, or I am just used to it.

Thanks, happy weight bearing!

Carl said...

Wow Terri, Thanks again for the invite, it was nice to get my Terri fix!!!
Looks like you had fun in Vegas... God I want to go, just haven't had the time... My prayers and fast healing wishes to you!

I know it must be redundant but and boring to do the 2 surguries so close together but you are such a great writer... keep it up!!

Congrats by the way on the your latest judging accomplishment, you are such a talent!!!!