Sunday, November 29, 2009

Two Weeks (PAO #2)

It has been two weeks since PAO#2. In a nutshell:
~The incision looks great
~CPM has been at 90 degrees for several days so I'll be sending it back soon
~The left hip doesn't feel much different than the right hip did at this stage, except the numb patch is much larger. The numb patch goes from the incision down to my knee along the outside of my leg, whereas on the right it was just around and to the outside of the incision in a patch the size of my hand.
~I am able to shower and dress unassisted, with occasional help needed getting my left sock on (sometimes I can do it, sometimes I can't).
~I am able to work from home and have been doing so a few hours per day as needed. Luckily it's rather slow at work right now.
~I can do some very light housework. Two thumbs up for the roomba.

Here are my upcoming milestones:
~Finish Fragmin shots and lose the TEDs - 4 more days
~Able to get in the therapy pool - 2 more weeks
~Allowed to drive - 4 more weeks
~Follow-up appointment with Dr. Mayo - 5 more weeks

So it's really 5 more weeks of healing, not doing much, and looking forward to the follow-up appointment where if all goes well I'll be told that I can bear weight, lose the crutches, and start PT. That's when the rehabilitation really begins.

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Gordon said...

It sounds like you are making really good progress!