Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Check Please

Surgery is less than three weeks away now, and I am pretty pleased at how my checklist of “to dos” has progressed:

 First autologous blood donation. Check!
 Short term disability paperwork. Check!
 FMLA paperwork. Check!
 Important items for hospital purchased. Check!
 Raised toilet seat purchased. Check!

Certain items are still outstanding, however:

 Second autologous blood donation (scheduled for June 29th)
 Manage anxiety (hmmmm, not sure this is possible)
 Find out if Aetna is going to pay for this (enough said)
 Lose 5 lbs. (probably not gonna happen)
 Wrap up everything at work (trying …)
 Finish house projects (threshold for bathroom so walker will not hang up, spray nozzle in shower, move recliner from basement to main floor, etc.)
 Have hospital bed and CPM machine delivered
 See hand specialist to resolve pain issues with my left hand so I won’t have problems with crutches (waiting for call back from specialist … and I doubt they are going to get me in before surgery)

The countdown continues ...

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