Sunday, June 7, 2009

Intestinal Fortitude

So you take the iron supplement with vitamin C because it is better absorbed in an acidic environment. You don't take your calcium with your iron though, or the iron blocks absorption of the calcium. If you take iron on an empty stomach you might get a stomach ache, but if you take it with food you might not absorb the nutrients in your food correctly. The NSAID prescribed for my swollen hand (auto accident) should also be taken with food, but should not be taken with the iron. OK, I am now not sure what to eat when and what pill to take with what.

Juggling meds is not something I am used to, because meds and I don't normally run in the same circles. I am supposed to bring a "full list of all prescriptions" to my pre-op appointment. A week ago that list would have been a whole lotta nothing, but now it's filling up fast.

The iron is prescribed to build up my blood for the autologous blood donations (two units, two donations) I am so looking forward to. I have rubbery hide-and-go-seek veins that know how to retreat deep into my arms beyone reach of needles at just the right time. The digging around for a vein has been so painful in the past that I have actually passed out. Oh yeah, I had better get used to it because they are going to be sticking me all over in the hospital as well, and after I'm out of the hospital in order to monitor the blood thinners. Did I mention the blood thinners? The ones I will be injecting myself with IN MY OWN STOMACH for ten days???!!!

I think it might be more than just the iron supplements that are making me nauseous.

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