Thursday, June 18, 2009

I just won the lottery!

Well, I might as well have. Aetna pre-approved my surgery.

It's actually kind of pathetic that this is something to celebrate. That's right, my insurance company is actually going to PAY for surgery that will allow me to walk without pain again while allowing me to preserve my own hip joint. You would think that would be a no brainer, but I have been worried about it for the past 8 months, because the first thing they told me when I walked into Dr. Mayo's office was, "Insurance is not going to pay for this, and it's going to cost you $300,000."

(That amount was inflated of course, because the hospital gives you a 50% discount when you pay cash. But still. I just don't have that kind of change sitting in my cookie jar.)

I won't really believe it until I get the letter from Aetna; Keri from Dr. Mayo's office e-mailed me with the news today and she said I should expect a letter soon. Meanwhile I will be pondering which house projects to do now that there is actually money to pay for them. I think this means I can finally remodel my kitchen. Bye bye, bright blue kitchen countertops with burn marks! Bye bye, refrigerator sticking out into the middle of the room! Bye bye, ancient microwave whose handle is held on with duct tape! As soon as I recover, you are all OUTTA HERE!

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