Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Continuing Saga of Vampira

I love my parents. Doesn't everyone?

But no, I really do love my parents. Not only is my mom canceling most of her summer plans to take care of me when Perry's at work after my surgery, she has also volunteered to donate blood on my behalf. She, too, is O positive, and she has FABULOUS veins.

(By the way, I STILL have bruises on both arms (greenish yellow at this point), and still have trouble bending my left arm. The thought of of someone sticking a needle in it again on Monday makes me want to run screaming in the opposite direction. So yes, it really is a trauma for me to give blood -- I'm not making this up.)

Getting this Directed Donation to happen almost took an act of God. My parents, without me knowing, both went to have their blood tested several days ago. My Dad's blood type is still unknown (they "lost" the test results). My Mom is O+, and after a lot of begging her doctor faxed the information to her so I could fax it to the Red Cross. Then I had to ask the surgeon's office to re-fax the orders to the Red Cross. I called, but the only person who knew how to accomplish this seemingly simple task was on vacation. They were not sure when she would be back, but it sounded like it would be too late for me. They told me she was checking e-mail.

I e-mailed. She replied and asked why the ladies in the office couldn't do it. Well, they claim they don't know how, I said. Fine, she said, she'd call and explaiitn to them. I got the feeling she really wasn't going to call, so I called the Red Cross (since they have been SOOOOOO very nice through all of this) to find out what they needed. The woman at the Red Cross was very clear that all the doctor's office had to do was re-fax the original fax (which should be in my chart) after checking the "Directed Donation" box. I called the doctor's office back and explained how to do this. (Wait, am I joking? I had to explain to THEM how to do this??? And I am trusting the doctor who hired these people to cut apart my pelvis and put it back together??????? Am I crazy???? Oh, nevermind.)

I also had to fax the Red Cross proof of my mother's blood type, which I did, and they called her and asked a bunch of questions, which she answered successfully. Monday we are going together to the Red Cross so she can donate blood on my behalf and I can write a check for it, and afterwards I am taking her out to a nice breakfast.

Yeah ... when my parents asked if "there was anything they could do" for me, I'm sure this was not what they had in mind. But it turns out it was the BEST thing they could have done for me. It has decreased my anxiety level substantially. I am almost coming to terms with the fact that I am going to be having major surgery in a week and a half. And miraculously, I am in a much better mood.

I love you Mom and Dad!

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