Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Six Weeks

Snowy Day ...

Spent by the fire ...

I am counting the hours until I return to Dr. Mayo a week from today for my first follow-up appointment. I must get off these crutches! I had a couple of weeks of interesting pain, in particular at night, which seemed to be related to either hamstring or abductor weakness. The pain is still there when I move around at night, but much improved. Everything else is feeling good and normal and I am more than ready to start walking again.

I am still more tired than normal, but capable of getting through the day without a nap. Sitting in an office chair all day is difficult, but I am returning to work full-time on Monday. It has been difficult to be home longer this time, but I didn't feel ready to go in to the office until now. Being home and seeing so many projects which need to be done, but being unable to tackle them because I am on crutches and can't lift or carry anything, has been frustrating.

Not much more to report until Tuesday.

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Carl said...

Hey, you sound like you are really progressing well!! Thanks goodness! Well, Happy New Year!! May next year be nothing but progress!