Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thoughts as 2009 comes to a close

For me, 2009 has been "the year of the hips." I am happy to see it go, because I am confident that 2010 will be a more mobile - and productive - year for me. However, 2009 has not been a total waste of time.

What I've learned:
~How to do the one-footed twist walk in order to carry things a short distance without bearing weight on my operated leg or using crutches.
~Resourcefulness (see above)
~Just because you have crutches or a cane, don't think that people are going to move out of your way, open doors for you, or not run you over.
~However, some people are very helpful.

What I've lost:
~Most of my flexibility
~A lot of leg strength
~Any muscle tone I ever had in my legs
~Several thousand dollars in co-pays/deductibles
~I am no longer a "hospital virgin"
~I am not allowed to run, jump, or do "impact sports" for the rest of my life.
~I am not allowed to do stairmaster, lunges or squats for the rest of my life.

What I've gained:
~Two groovy new hip sockets. My hips are not and will never be normal, because the hip sockets are manufactured from my pelvis and not God-given, but they are "normal-er" than they were before.
~Two 7" scars
~14 stainless steel screws in my pelvis
~The ability to walk without pain (don't have this ability yet, but once I am off crutches and rehabbed, I hope this is the case).
~A new appreciation for those who are Disabled.
~Bunches of new friends from the Hipwomen group who have gone through this same dysplastic journey.
~Bulging arm muscles from more than 4 months spent on crutches.
~A closet full of mobility and other aids (walker, crutches, grabber, toilet seat riser, shower chair, bedside commode). I hope not to use these again until I need my hips replaced which will be, if all goes well, at least 10 years hence.


Happy new year everyone.

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