Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Three Weeks/Five Months

I am at three weeks for LPAO and just past 5 months for RPAO.

Good news all around: CPM is gone! Fragmin is gone! TEDS are gone!

I'll give a brief status report on the RPAO so that hip doesn't feel neglected. I am happy to say that my right hip is holding up very well bearing all my weight only 5 months after RPAO surgery. I give lots of credit to my PT, Kellie, who really helped me heal quickly. That hip is actually getting a rest, despite bearing all my weight, because I'm not going to the gym right now, or skating, or doing yoga. It is hard to work the right leg much when I can't stand on my left. But I think some rest is good for it. The hip flexors are still weak but snapping less, and all of the muscles will need work in the gym to come back to normal, but I am optimistic. It will just take time.

LPAO required a bit more time on the pain meds than RPAO did. While my pain level is the same on this side, it is lasting longer. I was taking one Oxy 5 mg before bed until Sunday, then switched to Tylenol PM. The tradeoff for narcotic pain relief is itching, and right now I'd rather have a bit of pain than an all-night scratchfest. Oh yeah, not to mention the night sweating that accompanies narcotic use. Yuck.

I can now sleep on my right side, although my left hip starts to hurt after several hours. Sleeping on my back had become difficult since both heels were starting to get sore and my lower back is complaining. I have padded my heels to avoid bedsores and so far, so good (just a small sore on the right), but I know that this is not something to mess with. I alternate between back and right side through the night. Can't sleep on my left side quite yet.

I can take a shower by myself without the shower chair and can dress myself, including shoes and socks. I can shave my legs. I painted my toe nails on Sunday. I can make myself something to eat but can't carry it to the table. All similar to recovery #1.

I am very much looking forward to the pool in a week.


Matt said...

Glad to hear your recovery continues to go well. You should be Dr Mayo's poster child!


Gordon said...

Seems like you are doing very well and have a great attitude... kudos!