Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Eight Weeks (LPAO)

After last week's appointment with Dr. Mayo, I have pretty much abandoned the crutches. I am using a cane sometimes, and just walking a lot of the time. I am still doing the Post-PAO "dip-waddle" penguin walk, but I must be walking OK because today, after I parked my car at work (in a handicapped spot) and started walking to the elevator, an irate driver rolled down her window and yelled to me, "You can't park there B#$%@! I hope you get a ticket!!!" Then she gunned her motor and sped on up the parking ramp.

I have a handicapped parking pass (valid through March 1) and I was carrying, but not using, my cane. I am not sure if the irate driver had a handicapped pass as well and was angry because I took one of the last spots on the lot. In any case, I am hoping that my car will not be vandalized when I leave the office this evening.


HipRN said...

Some people are unbelievable! I had to laugh when I read this though!

Anonymous said...

I guess you'll have to exaggerate the limp from the car to the building from now on! Really, that is just ridiculous. Glad to hear you have ditched the crutches!!