Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update from Spokane

Evidently the best way to rehabilitate a broken pelvis is to judge a skating event. I refereed an event at 10 weeks after PAO#1, and here I am in Spokane at 8.5 weeks, spending my days in a huge arena, walking all over the place, going up and down stairs, and sitting on not-so-comfortable chairs for hours at a time.

I keep forgetting my cane (in the hotel room, in restaurants, in the offices we are using for a home base) so obviously my hip is an afterthought right now. It could be that yes, I really am that busy, but I also think I am getting stronger just because of all the activity. The pain in the butt(ock) is still there but diminishing each day, and I rarely think about my hip except at night (the hotel bed is not that comfortable).

Not that I am magically cured. I am still limping quite noticeably, have to rest frequently, and have a lot of muscle weakness. But I feel like I am doing phenomenally well at this point in my recovery compared to where I thought I'd be. I was a little nervous about coming to Spokane at 8 weeks post PAO, but I am relieved that it is not a problem. It is conceivable that I really will be back on the ice around the time of my birthday in March.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you are doing so well! Hopefully, crutches and canes will be a thing of the past for good. By the way - the kids and I watched the pair skating final on TV.

Carl said...

You are soo lucky!! Wish I was there! Sounds like you are recovering nicely.

You've been through a lot in the last year, stress-wise, and physically, wow! Your rocking it!


Jen said...

You ARE doing phenominally well! Keep it up're an inspiration!