Saturday, January 2, 2010

Seven Weeks

The new hardware

Today I went back to Dr. Mayo for my first post-op appointment. My parents accompanied me because even though I can drive, it is a long way and they had nothing else to do today. We stopped for a latte on the way up and had lunch after the appointment at The Hub in Tacoma. I had to take this photo at The Hub (note signage behind me):

"No exceptions!"

Everything looks OK. I've been cleared to start weight bearing (on crutches - first 2 crutches, then 1) and go to physical therapy. Of course I tried walking with no crutches at all; just a few steps to see if I could. Yes, I can, but just like last time it's all very weak and the muscles need time to build back up.

Before seeing the x-rays today I thought I had 14 screws, but it turns out that I have THIRTEEN (13!) screws. It's a good thing I am not superstitious. Thirteen screws in my pelvis for the rest of my life could be unlucky. However, I am hoping that my luck has turned around and that 13 is just a number. I guess it might just be my lucky number now.

Thirteen, count 'em, THIRTEEN!!

I went back to work full-time yesterday and will be back in the office again tomorrow. I feel pretty good after sitting in a chair all day yesterday and the 5-hour car ride today.

I ran into fellow PAO patient and blogger Matt and his wife. Last time I saw them I was there for my pre-op appointments; at the time I was walking with a slight limp and he was 8 weeks post-op and on crutches. This time I was 7 weeks post-op and on crutches and he was walking with just a slight limp. It's good to see the progress we and our fellow hippies make. As long as the general direction is forward, it's all good.


Jen said...

Nice hardware and I love the sign!!

ojulius said...

Holy cow! I only had 3 screws. They came out after a year. Whew...

13? That's got to be your new lucky number. :)