Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ten Weeks

My physical therapist works wonders. I mean that. Even though I spent part of today wallowing in depression because I couldn't lift my left leg high enough to step on the flush handle of a public toilet (oh come on, everybody does it), I know that I am making (slow) progress.

My PT, Kellie, has me working with very low weights and doing many reps. I am amazed at how little weight she uses but if I do the exercises correctly my muscles fatigue quickly. She hooked me up with this genius home pulley system so I can torture myself at home, since the least amount of weight I can use in my home gym is 10 pounds:

You can put whatever kind of weight you want in the bag, down to just a few ounces. She started me at half a pound, for which I used 2 boxes of jello. As I have increased the weight I am using, I have added various items that were readily available next door in the home office. So how much weight am I lifting now? See for yourself what's in that bag:

That's right, I am up to 3 boxes of jello, a deck of cards, an old cell phone, a walkman (a walkman?) and a metal tape measure. Clearly a lot of weight and a good use for a bunch of crap. Genius!

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