Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Hipiversary

Today marks exactly 6 months from my RPAO, which was July 8. My right hip is doing very well. If I had not done the LPAO I think I would have scheduled something monumental for this occasion - a five mile hike or a long bike ride was what I originally had in mind. Perhaps even cross-country skiing. Skate skiing looks like a ton of fun.

Since my left hip can't participate, I will be doing none of those things. Instead I will celebrate my right hipiversary by starting physical therapy on my left hip. This is fine with me -- I will save the hike/bike ride (not skiing since it will be mid-May) to celebrate my left hipiversary. Perry and I and my parents are also planning an Alaska cruise to celebrate our fifth anniversary and my parents' 50th anniversary. This will be in July, so can also be used to celebrate the right hip's one-year hipiversary. Lots to celebrate. By then I think both PAOs will be doing quite well.

Since about 4 weeks post LPAO I have been lifting weights in the gym with my arms and right leg. Other than hip flexors, my right leg is coming along well in the weight room. I am not nearly as strong as I once was, but strength and range of motion are both improving.

I just read the LPAO surgical report and discovered that in addition to severe dysplasia I had mild cam acetabular impingement on the left (but not on the right), which was corrected during the surgery. I had no idea, but this is not surprising, and would explain why the left hip was always weaker than the right. However, it was also more flexible, which is a bit odd with impingement. In any case, I am still having more pain on the left than the right but it's mostly my buttock/hamstring. This leg is also weaker and has less ROM than my right did at this point in my recovery. I'm not very concerned at this point - I think it will heal at its own pace and may take longer but eventually it will be fine.

I have been walking with crutches for long distances but have dropped the crutches in the house and for short distances at work. I am doing the dysplasia waddle/lurch, but I can waddle pretty fast. My walking has improved even since Tuesday. I will let y'all know how the PT goes today.

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