Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finally, butt pad fashion photo shoot

Due to high demand for photos of the now infamous butt pads, I had my rink friends memorialize today's skating session in the photos below. I am sorry to say that you really can't see the pads that well because I am wearing all black and they just sort of blend in. However, I think you can tell by the shape -- that is not my real butt! (Click on photos for higher resolution images if you want better detail on what is me and what is pad ...)

As for today's skating - I skated only 30 minutes but didn't stop much to rest. I actually broke a sweat. Worked on forward and backward stroking and turning from front to back (3 turns and mohawks only). Amazing how something I've done since I was 10 can be so very foreign to me.

They're sleek ... they're chic ... and they're only $49.95!

I know, I know, everyone wants their own pair.

1 comment:

Louisa B said...

Ok I think you might've overdone the glute exercises!!

I can barely walk today after doing them all yesterday, but for a change its that lovely post exercise pain! Love it! Do you do a day on, day off with them if so achey? Or just keep going?