Sunday, March 21, 2010

Not so much

I went to the Sunday social dance session today. Perhaps due to my heavy workout on the elliptical trainer yesterday, my legs just wouldn't move today. It was a rather depressing skate, made even more depressing by the ugly butt pads I am sporting. Even though I've lost weight, they make me look huge and feel fat and ungainly.

It's totally normal post PAO to work out one day and be totally knackered the next, so this is not unexpected. That doesn't make me like it any better.

Again, I did just the forward dances, but could barely pick up my feet or hold an edge on one leg. Knees did not bend. The thought of 3 turns is depressing, although I tried a few, using my upper body and free foot to force the turn. I can not stop. I can't get out of the way. I can't push. Worst, I critiqued the local solo dancers who are competing at Adult Nationals next month. They will be skating Westminster Waltz and Kilian. Those dances look so difficult and impossible to me right now. I can't even imagine skating like that again. The solo dancers are so carefree and light on the ice. I am so ponderous and plodding.

Lots of self pity going on here today, but again, that's expected. I don't need cheering up, or to be told it will get better, or to be told I'm doing as well as anyone could expect. I just need to say how much this sucks.

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ojulius said...

Amen sister, sometimes it does just suck. Sorry to hear it. I hope the next skate is better for you!