Monday, March 1, 2010

Next day ...

Pretty sore today, but not unhappy about it. I could not even get my shoes on today and finally switched from a shoe with buckle to a slip on after trying unsucessfully to reach the buckle for 5 minutes!

On the way in to work I was limping worse than usual and when I went up the ramp from the parking lot I slowed down and put my hand on my right hip. A well-dressed woman behind me said a bit sarcastically, "what's the matter, do you have a hip problem?" She looked really sheepish when I replied, "Yes, I have had two recent surgeries to correct congenital hip deformities. My pelvis was broken and screwed back together in November and July." I mean really, why do people ask these questions? Did she think I was just faking it? Puhleeeeze.

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Louisa B said...

Good for you! I've been there people take one look at you and make all sorts of assumptions without a thought. Its different on the inside! I've got to the point where I can spot hip issues and minor limps a mile away...obsessive freak that I am!!